Beauty School – Getting Started

Beyond Beauty School: Getting Started

You’ve started beauty school, now what? Here’s a little breakdown of tips to go a little more in depth and offer some guidance on getting started.


The first step should be to go ahead and set up an Instagram for yourself/your future business. Be sure to take lots of before and after photos! Don’t worry if they’re not perfect. Practice makes perfect, and we all grow through it. Here are some important things to remember:

  • Your username (keep it professional!) You may want to use this for business contacts.
  • Keep your backgrounds free from clutter! (this is super important. Check mirror reflections too.)
  • Decide what type of client you want to attract, and post with that in mind.

Understanding hair cutting

Shannel Mariano (@shannelmariano) makes these amazing Instagram videos to show you how overdirection and elevation work. For me, hair cutting was the most confusing part. I struggled to visualize the angles and fall. Shannel’s video’s help to show how using techniques like elevation and overdirection can give you different effects within the interior of a haircut.


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Overdirection using a stationary guide and a traveling guide. ____________________ On the 1st example, the string of yarn on the left traveled a lot farther than the string on the right. Because of that, the string on the left is a lot longer than the string on the right. ____________________ On the 2nd example, each string traveled to the previous string to its right. Because of that, each string got longer than the previous. Each string in this example didn’t travel as far as the ones in the 1st example did. Even if it traveled just a little, we still got a shape that is shorter on the right and longer towards the left. It just isn’t as drastic as the first example. ____________________ Hope you find this visual helpful! Please share this with friends that might also find this helpful. ❤️❤️😊❤️❤️

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SalonCentric & Cosmoprof

Getting Started: Cosmoprof Website

These are two license only distribution stores of professional hair products and tools. You can get an account at both as a student. Check with each to find out what you will need to bring to sign up. Both stores have a ton of resources and education available. Some education is available in store with hands-on classes, which will help further your skills in a small, intimate setting with a professional educator.

Getting Started: SalonCentric Website

Milady Pro

Milady Pro is a companion site that can go more in depth into the information you’ll find in your Milady textbooks (if you’re using Milady). You’ll find a vast array of articles for new cosmetologists as well as seasoned professionals.

Getting Started: Milady Pro Website


If you have more questions that I haven’t answered here, contact me and I would be more than happen to answer anything to the best of my ability. Also, if you liked this post, don’t forget to check out my other tips and tricks post on the blog!

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