Taking Better Pictures

Taking better pictures of your work

Taking pictures of your work is an amazing way to showcase your talent. However, nothing ruins a great hair or makeup photo like poor lighting or a cluttered background. In this post, you’ll find some tips and tricks, as well as references to other professional posts on taking pictures.

taking pictures


lighting types
Lighting selection from Lowe’s Hardware. The swatches in each window are the same, but look different under the different types of lighting. Look for natural daylight.

Having the wrong light source in your picture can completely throw the color off. This can be extremely bad for hair color and makeup. Hair colors can appear completely different. Makeup can look mismatched and unblended. I like to take photos in indirect natural light. If you’re on a budget, Ottlite daylight bulbs will work for indoor photos. They can be found at JoAnn Fabrics

However, the holy grail of lighting is The Makeup Light. You can find tons of raves and reviews on this amazing lighting piece. It is an investment, but definitely one that would be good for any serious cosmetologist or makeup artist.


For quick before and after photos, I use my iPhone 7 camera. I use a Canon Rebel T3 for my portfolio style photos. The detail that my Canon DSLR will capture is much better, though. I would recommend investing in a DSLR and doing a little research on photography. It can really take your pictures to the next level.


Backgrounds are the biggest frustration to me. If there is any amount of clutter, it ruins the entire picture for me. It could be the absolute best hair and/or makeup look, and I’ve instantly lost interest. Take a look through your viewfinder on your phone or camera, and really look at what is in the frame. You want to keep the image as simple as possible. It will increase the focus on your work, instead of a busy background. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen nice work, but only second to all the bottles and cans on the counter behind it. 

Taking pictures in front of a backdrop is a great way to keep the focus simple. You take out any change of picking up clutter, and eliminate furniture in the background. A good, clean backdrop will only enhance your subject. It is also important to keep in mind how colors contribute to their surroundings. Your backdrop should be black, white, or very subtle shades of grey. If their are other colors in the room, on your clothing, or your model’s clothing, they can reflect and change the look. 

More reading

Taking pictures is so important that you kind find entire workshops on the subject. I’m including some links to other posts to help give you more tips. 

I hope you’ve found plenty of information to help you make the most of your photos. As always, contact me if you have any questions!

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